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NBME offers a variety of workshops on assessment-related topics and provides expert consultation for medical schools and health profession organizations.

Item Writing Workshops

Learn How to Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions

Item writing workshops give you the tools to develop exam questions that more effectively test your students’ knowledge. They are designed and administered by a team of internationally recognized experts in the fields of test development, psychometrics, and medical education research.

Whether you’re new to the process of developing exam items or have years of experience, we’ll teach you skills and techniques that you can apply immediately on your own assessments.

Item writing workshops cover the following topics:

  • Writing questions that focus on application of knowledge versus recall of isolated facts
  • Eliminating technical item flaws and avoiding clues that benefit test-wise examinees
  • Recognizing irrelevant item difficulty
  • Writing clinical vignettes
  • Writing items that integrate basic science knowledge and clinical application

Additional Workshop Topics

  • Examination planning and blueprinting
  • Standard-setting, item analysis, and other psychometric activities
  • Item-writing process management

Free Online Item Writing Tutorial

NBME's Online Writing Tutorial is a self-paced interactive tutorial that provides a foundation for writing quality multiple-choice questions. It gives you instant access to a walkthrough on the main principles of exam item writing and strategies for evaluating exam content.


In addition to workshops, NBME provides expert consultation for specialized projects and initiatives related to medical education, testing, and research for medical schools and health profession organizations. This includes making recommendations regarding the optimal mode for test delivery, and assuring high-quality, efficient, and timely scoring and analysis of exams. 

The NBME research team also supports organizations that face unique measurement concerns or issues that require focused investigation or experimentation.