This new video series provides students and residents with insights into how NBME® test questions are created and used to measure their clinical knowledge.

Each episode focuses on a different patient scenario and includes an interactive discussion led by physicians who play a key role in developing the content on NBME exams. These physicians walk a student panel through a clinical vignette and answer options, explaining how they would approach the scenario in order to answer the question.

Neurology & Neuroscience

In this episode of Unlocking Assessment, Dr. Paniagua and Dr. Nori guide the panel of students through a real test question's vignette that describes a geriatric patient with a myriad of neurological symptoms and other findings.

Without having seen the NBME-created answers, medical school student panelists share their thoughts on the abnormal protein accumulation in the patient's brain. Viewers can also look forward to seeing how students have performed on this test question in an exam setting. Watch this episode now.

Pediatric Infectious Disease

In the first episode of the second collection of Unlocking Assessment, Miguel Paniagua, MD, and Priya Nori, MD, and student panelists discuss the elements of a vignette that focuses on pediatric infectious disease.

In the first part of the video, student panelists provide their initial thoughts on the mechanism causing the patient’s illness, and later on, they are asked to zero in on the exact diagnosis. Watch now to learn how the students and physicians unlock this NBME test question.

Item Analysis Explained

Learn how item analysis can be used to provide useful insights into the performance of questions for a specific group of test takers.

Collection 1

Endocrinology (Diabetes)

In this episode of Unlocking Assessment, Miguel and Tom explore the clinical vignette of a two-part NBME test question. Without an option set for the first part, panelists are asked to share their thought process for the next best steps in management of a pediatric patient with diabetes mellitus type 1.

Watch now to view the full discussion and to determine how your approach compares to the student panel.


In the third episode of Unlocking Assessment, Tom and Miguel review a question centered around a patient with Parkinson’s disease.

Follow along with the student panel as they determine the most appropriate next step for the patient and share tips on how they approach NBME test questions. 

Obstetrics & Gynecology

In this episode of Unlocking Assessment, Tom and Miguel examine a two-part question on obstetrics and gynecology.

Join the student panel as they discuss the most appropriate pharmacotherapy for the patient and then determine the most likely reason for a recurring symptom four days later.

Gastrointestinal System

In the first episode of Unlocking Assessment, Tom and Miguel offer insights into a question on the gastrointestinal system.

Watch now to see if you reach the same diagnosis as the student panel and follow along with their discussion on strategies for approaching the patient scenario.

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