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Date Updated: December 11, 2018

FAQs about the Self-Assessment Program


Answers to some of these questions are given in
greater detail in Self-Assessment Services Information Guide .


How do I purchase a self-assessment?

The comprehensive self-assessments may be purchased through the NBME Self-Assessment Services page for a fee of $60.00. The web-based self-assessments for the Clinical Science Mastery Series may be purchased for a fee of $20.00. The International Foundations of Medicine self-assessment may be purchased for a fee of $35.00 in US currency.

Who can purchase the self-assessments?

Although self-assessments are designed for medical school students and graduates there is no restriction on who can purchase them.

How many self-assessments can I purchase?

You may purchase as many self-assessments as you wish in either a standard-paced or self-paced timing mode.

How long do I have access to a self-assessment after I purchase the service?

Once you purchase a self-assessment, you have 30 days to start it. After you start the self-assessment, you have a 20-day administration period in which to complete it. For example, if you purchase an assessment on July 1st, you have until July 30th to start it. If you log in and start the self-assessment on July 15th, you have until August 3rd to finish it.

Can I take a self-assessment I have purchased more than once?

One purchase is good for a single take of the self-assessment. Each time you wish to take a self-assessment you must purchase it for a fee. Previously completed forms may be retaken by purchasing them again.

Can I take the self-assessment in more than one timing (pacing) mode?

Yes, but you must purchase and complete a self-assessment in each timing format separately.

Are the comprehensive self-assessments available for purchase through NBME the same as the practice tests available through the Prometric Centers?

No: the self-assessments contain different content and are available at any time to any person who wishes to purchase one via the NBME Self-Assessment Services pages, and may be taken in any location in which you have a suitable computer with internet connectivity. The self-assessments provide you detailed diagnostic information about your performance upon completion of the test, including areas of strength and weakness, as well as a lookup table for USMLE scores (CBSSA and CCSSA only).

The practice tests at the Prometric Centers cannot be scheduled or purchased until you receive your USMLE registration permit, and must be taken onsite at a Prometric Center. The material on the Prometric practice test contains the same sample test materials provided by the USMLE registration entities and at the USMLE website, and is shorter than the actual corresponding USMLE exam. This option allows you to experience USMLE sample test materials in the same environment as your actual test. The practice exams provide you limited diagnostic information (percent of items answered correctly in each block) upon completion of the practice test.



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