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Date Updated: April 22, 2019


Customized Assessment Services


The NBME supports flexible, efficient construction, administration, scoring and score reporting of customized examinations. The web-based Customized Assessment Services (CAS) program allows medical school faculty to create an examination tailored to local curriculum. A large, high quality pool of secure items assembled from the NBME basic science subject exam bank covering topics commonly taught in basic science coursework is available. Design exams for integrated courses, end-of-year evaluations, problem-based learning cases or other educational objectives. CAS now also offers pre-designed organ system blueprints to use as “starters” when building integrated course tests.

Build and Preview an Examination in Four Steps

The main menu of the CAS test construction menu is displayed below: graphic of the CAS menuclick to enlarge

Score Reports and Feedback

The NBME generates both total test percent correct scores and locally scaled scores for the total test and individual content areas defined during the test construction phase. Scores are scaled to a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 8 for the local examinee group. Other performance feedback includes summary statistics, a graphical performance profile for each examinee and item analyses available in three formats: an interactive online version, a PDF document, and a downloadable file. All show item statistics for comparison with a USMLE Step 1 reference group.

A full description and samples of the score report components are available in the Customized Assessment Services Information Guide .

Customized Assessment Services (CAS) exams can be administered in conjunction with Subject Exams by creating a Customized Test Battery.

To schedule an informational webcast, including a live demo, contact us at support@nbme.org


"The Customized Assessment Program has allowed our faculty to focus on delivery of outstanding educational content while ensuring that students will be provided with robust, high quality assessment tools which probe mastery of our curricular objectives."

Associate Dean of Curriculum

infographic: In 2018, 124 medical schools subscribed to CAS, including 22 international schools.

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