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Date Updated: December 17, 2018


The NBME research enterprise develops new information to enhance assessment-related products and services, to inform best practices, and to promote evidence-based decisions about students and healthcare professionals.
Current projects include investigations related to the assessment of new constructs and competencies, simulations and performance testing, test score scaling and equating, score reporting and feedback, validity of test score use, group differences, and general psychometrics.

NBME Data Sharing and Research Collaboration Program

The NBME Data Sharing and Research Collaboration Program allows for test score data and related information to be shared with external investigators. The purpose of the program is to collaborate with researchers who wish to pursue topics of their own interest that also will benefit the health professions education community or measurement community by expanding knowledge or improving practice. Through this program, NBME promotes research and evaluation in assessment by building relationships with external researchers and the organizations with which they are affiliated. It is expected that completed research will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals in health care or the social sciences.

An NBME staff member is assigned to all approved projects. NBME will approve up to three proposals per year depending on the quality of submitted proposals; additional proposals may be approved as resources permit. Please view the application process here.

The Office of Research also administers the Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund, which provides grants to medical schools for innovative projects in assessment as it relates to medical education and practice.

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