New and Expanded Learning Resources Available

Posted June 29, 2020

Making sure you can sit for your exam(s) as soon as possible is our highest priority. While this response remains critical, we also recognize the need for additional educational resources to help enrich your knowledge, which you can learn about below.


Answer Explanations Expanded to More NBME® Self-Assessments

Students have expressed a desire to receive explanations of correct and incorrect answers on NBME Self-Assessments. These explanations were first released on Medicine forms 5 and 6 of the Clinical Mastery Series in April. Starting Monday, June 29, students can see answer explanations on Medicine forms 3 and 4 of the Clinical Mastery Series. 

Throughout July, answer explanations will be added to Surgery forms 3, 4, 5, and 6. Product Manager Jennifer Wise, PharmD, said NBME plans to release all self-assessments with answer explanations over time.

“Explanations for the right and wrong answers can help students maximize valuable study time,” Wise said. “Students can more easily learn from mistakes and reinforce what they already understand.”

Students who have already purchased Medicine forms 3 and 4 and Surgery forms 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the Clinical Mastery Series can also expect to see answer explanations on those previous purchases—no matter when they took the exam form, or whether they previously completed it. More information about answer explanations for previously purchased self-assessment forms can be found in the FAQs.

“We welcome students’ feedback on how we can improve their learning experiences,” Wise said, “not only during this challenging time, but all throughout students’ educational journeys.”

Have questions? Check out the FAQs. Or, contact us at, on Twitter @NBMENow, or on Facebook with your feedback.


Free NBME Self-Assessments Available Through September 30, 2020

To help students continue to sharpen their knowledge during testing delays that may result from COVID-19, seven free NBME Self-Assessments are available. Free Self-Assessments include the following exams:

  • Comprehensive Basic Science (CBSSA) Forms 13, 15, 16, 17, and 19
  • Comprehensive Clinical Science (CCSSA) Form 7
  • Comprehensive Clinical Medicine (CCMSA) Form 5

After ordering any of the free Self-Assessments, students will have 90 days to complete it. Students will have unlimited time access their interactive score report on MyNBME and review each question, option set, and correct answer.

To access these free test forms, please go to and follow these instructions. (For the best online experience, use the latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox):

  1. Enter your log-in information on the MyNBME sign-in screen.
  2. If this is the first time you’re logging in to the site, click First Time User to set up an account in the system.
  3. On the Home page, use the Product Search to find the self-assessment you’re looking for.
  4. Click on the name of the product, and select any form listed as “FREE”:
    • Comprehensive Basic Science (CBSSA) Forms 13, 15, 16, 17, and 19
    • Comprehensive Clinical Science (CCSSA) Form 7
    • Comprehensive Clinical Medicine (CCMSA) Form 5
  5. Choose your preferred pacing mode (Standard or Self-paced).
  6. Click Add to Cart, and then follow the on-screen prompts.

Helpful Resources

  • For information about interpreting your scores for the different forms, you can access our updated fact sheet or watch a webinar.
  • Be sure to read FAQs that will address your questions about ordering instructions, content, and other inquiries. Have other questions? Contact us at, on Twitter @NBMENow, or on Facebook


Coming this Summer: Unlocking Assessment, A New Educational Web Series

Starting in July, you can watch a new web series, Unlocking Assessment. It will feature NBME’s medical advisors, Miguel Paniagua, MD, and Tom Rebbecchi, MD, discuss their approach to answering test questions with a panel of students. Additional communications to follow later this month.


Webinar Available on COVID-19 updates for NBME® and USMLE® Programs

NBME and USMLE were invited to participate in a virtual discussion with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Organization of Student Representatives (OSR). The May 19 discussion focused on COVID-19 updates and testing resumption plans. Below, you can watch Aggie Butler’s presentation on NBME academic programs including Self-Assessments:


To watch the full webinar with USMLE updates, please visit here.


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