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Date Updated: September 29, 2017

International Foundations of Medicine (IFOM)

About the Exams

The International Foundations of Medicine® (IFOM®) program now comprises three exams:

The IFOM BSE and CSE are intended to measure the core knowledge expected of international medical students and graduates at critical points in their education and training. Both are available on paper or the web.

The IFOM Clinical Science Self-Assessment Exam is intended as preparation for taking the IFOM CSE or other similar exams and for personal benchmarking; it is available only on the web.

The IFOM BSE and CSE are comprehensive tests created by the IFOM Committee, a group of faculty convened by the National Board of Medical Examiners® that represents all major medical specialties and the global medical community. Most test questions are written in clinical vignette style, i.e., with problems presented within a clinical context, so that examinees can demonstrate the ability to apply their medical knowledge.



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