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Date Updated: August 23, 2011

Health Profession Services

Exam Program Oversight

For each assessment program, a seasoned Assessment Officer (AO) crafts, implements, and coordinates a comprehensive plan that leverages resources available at the NBME and draws upon the skills and expertise of an accomplished cross-functional team. 

As the examination account manager, the AO serves as the primary contact for a health organization, ensuring that program activities are carried out and timelines are met.  The AO adds value by integrating an understanding of best practices for credentialing activities, knowledge and expertise acquired through “hands on” experience, and a unique ability to adapt and innovate. 

The AO assists health profession organizations in all phases of program management including start-up activities, support for program accreditation, test development activities including item construction and form assembly, test administration including consultation regarding the optimal mode for test delivery, and assuring high quality, efficient, and timely scoring and analysis of examinations.


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