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Date Updated: December 11, 2018

Health Profession Services

Examinee Support Services

Examinee Support Services (ESS) staff at the NBME draw upon extensive experience with computer-based (CBT), web-based (WBT), and paper/pencil (P/P) test delivery methods to implement administration protocols for a variety of health profession credentialing programs.

ESS provides a wide range of application, registration, customer service, and records maintenance activities as well as test administration support including:

  • Identifying and providing consultation on appropriate test administration protocols, policies and procedures
  • Supporting start-up activities for new programs such as developing proctors manuals and other instructional materials
  • Assisting to synchronize information in candidate materials with established test administration policies and protocol
  • Implementing test accommodations
  • Reviewing test administration reports received from test sites, as well as investigation and follow-up as required
  • Advising regarding optimal circumstances and best practices for each test delivery modality
  • CBT:  Providing overall support for computer-based delivery at Prometric test centers (PTCs)
  • CBT:  Arranging for candidates’ online access to electronic scheduling permits and assisting with scheduling appointments
  • CBT:  Monitoring implementation of standard test conditions at NBME-approved locations in the PTC network
  • WBT:  Providing technical support for proctored web-based test delivery at domestic and international locations
  • P/P:  Coordinating all activities associated with paper/pencil testing, including providing proctor training, oversight, and on-site support during administrations


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