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Date Updated: February 15, 2017

Professional Examination of Health Coaches (PEHC) in China

The introduction of a Professional Examination for Health Coaches (PEHC) or 健康指导师职业考评 supports the NBME’s mission to improve healthcare around the world through assessment.

The PEHC aims to address critical and urgent healthcare needs in China, where chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and emphysema are increasing rapidly due to modern lifestyles and an aging population that is projected to grow from almost 200 million today to 500 million by 2050. With very few pre- and post-acute healthcare services offered in China, the PEHC aims to fill the critical need for qualified health professionals to provide much-needed prevention and wellness support outside of the hospital setting. The health coach will have knowledge of management of key chronic illnesses, as well as knowledge of ways to motivate individuals toward positive behaviors and to promote wellness.

The initial focus of the project is a pilot examination that will be administered to Chinese learners through GRS Academy, the worldwide education and training arm of Genesis Rehab Services. The proposed Professional Health Coach is one new health professional that will meet the needs of both healthcare providers and the public by providing new post-acute health services in China.

The NBME has worked with healthcare professionals in the United States and China to develop the examination questions for the PEHC pilot examination to identify strengths as well as gaps in the knowledge of health coaches trained by GRS Academy. The examination is designed to provide a baseline for a universally recognized, unbiased measure of the competence of professional health coaches in China to perform safely and effectively in China.

Contact GRS Academy at info@grsacademy.com for more information about the Health Coach Program and the pilot examination.

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